Our latest version includes a number of smaller updates that should make a big impact on the ease of sending challenges and connecting with opponents.

  • When you accept or start a challenge - other challenges that you have sent will no longer be automatically closed.

  • You are now able to send a challenge to a player already playing in a challenge so its queued for when they finish.

  • We've improved push notification delivery for direct chats. In 1.10.1, every chat you send will delivery a push notification if the recipient is out of the app.

  • Provide quick actions for challenging directly from direct chats.

  • Lower challenge preset values. While we've always supported challenges from $2 - $4, we've made these more prominent.

  • Challenge acceptance has been extended to 45 minutes to give you longer to connect with opponents.

    Update today.

    For Android: Update on gameplusapp.com

    For iOS: Update on the App Store

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