We updated our challenge creation process to get you in action faster. Our updated home screen features a prominent "Ready to Play" button you can use to post challenges to all your communities at once - and we'll now send you notifications when we find matching players who are also ready to play!

New Home Screen and "Ready to Play" Screen

New Match Notifications

Use the "Online Time" field to indicate how long you'll be available to play. You'll receive match notifications during this time. After their received, we'll stop sending these messages.

Are you always up for a game? When you post you're Ready to Play, select the last online time option: "Anytime" to leave your posts up indefinitely (so long as you log in once a week.)

Online Anytime

And if you're looking to play with someone directly, or only your friends, (i.e. the "original way" to initiate challenges) you can now find this option on the new interface as "Challenge Someone Directly." You can also challenge someone directly from their profile.

Challenge Directly

Challenge Directly from Opponent Profile

Update today.

For Android: Update on gameplusapp.com

For iOS: Update on the App Store

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