Supported Platforms: IOS, Android

Cross-Platform Available: Yes.

Multiple Player Network: Apex mobile.

How to find your Apex mobile User name.

#1 Your Apex user name is located in the main lobby here. Select it to view the copy option.

#2 You can copy your user name here by selecting the little white icon next to your user name.

How to add a player in Apex mobile.

#1 You can add or view your friends by selecting the little white arrow as shown here.

#2 To search for a new user, select the icon as shown.

#3 You can search your opponent's user name here in the search bar as shown.

#4 Once you find your opponent's account, select the add friend icon as shown.

How to start a Battle Royale match.

#1 Select Battle Royale as shown.

#2 Select the settings as shown. It does not matter if you select FPP or TPP. You can change it within gameplay at any time.

#3 Once you are here, you can select one of the plus options as shown to invite your friend, or you can accept an invite if you are getting invited by them.

#4 Once you are all ready, if you are the lobby host, you can select start. If you are not the lobby host, you will need to ready up so they can start it.

#5 After the game is played, you will get a scoreboard to provide as your evidence.

Only you and your opponent will count; the third player is ignored.

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