Required update for use of card access features (activation, view virtual card, pin change) plus much more.

Card access features on prior versions of the app will no longer work. This includes:

  • Card Activation

  • Viewing Virtual Card

  • PIN Change

Please update today.

For iOS: Update on the App Store

For Android: Update on

But beyond this required update - this version is packed with a lot of great features:

  • Support to withdraw your Game+ funds directly to your bank account. Learn more here

  • Support for MFA on login to help secure your Game+ account

  • Bug fixes related to Challenge creation with Game+ Credits only

  • Improved presentation of Game+ Credit for readability

And if you haven't updated in a while, you'll get even more goodies:

  • (in 1.8.0) Improved onboarding experience

  • (in 1.8.0) Ability to modify your community memberships (or leave a community)

  • (in 1.7.0) Support for Game+ Credits

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