What are Game+ Credits?

Game+ Credits can be used to fund your own challenges to cover the cost of the challenge (entry) fee into a challenge. You can earn credits for things like referring friends, funding your account, or through special promotional opportunities.

Stack 'Em

Game+ credits are issued in $5 increments, however, you can use multiple credits on an individual challenge if the individual credit reward allows.

Use It or Lose It

It's suggested to use full amount of each credit towards a challenge. Any unused funds in the credit amount will be forfeited if not used in full. For example: If you receive a $5 credit but use it to accept or create a $2 challenge, you will forfeit the remainder ($3) of that credit.

Credit Restrictions

Game+ Credits have no cash value and cannot be redeemed except for use in Game+ challenges prior to the expiration date of the credit. Game+ Credits are given for various business promotion strategies run by Game+ from time to time and are subject to control by Game+. Game+ may impose restrictions on credit availability, utilization, inherent benefits, expiration date, etc. as it may decide from time to time or promotion to promotion.

How to Find and Use Game+ Credits

  1. If you have credit available, you will find the notice at the top of your Home Screen

  2. Click into this notice to see details about your credits

3. Find the credit you would like to use then select "PLAY" on the credit you want to use at the moment

4. This will then open up a new challenge for you to start

5. Fill in and complete the information for the challenge you wish to start

6. When you go to fill in the challenge amount, this screen will pop up with information about the credit voucher

7. Confirm the details then click "APPLY"

8. Confirm the credits have been applied the hit "SEND CHALLENGE"

If you win the challenge, you will earn the winnings in funds to your Game+ account! these will then be reflected in your account balance.

See the full Terms & Conditions for more details.

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