Supported Platforms: iOS, Android.

Cross-Platform Available: Yes.

Multiple Player Network: Room code.

How to set up a 1v1 Pokémon Unite game.

#1 Start by selecting "Unite Battle," or if you are joining a lobby, select "lobby Search."

#2 Here, you can set up your settings.

#3 Your lobby ID will be here. You will need to share this with your opponent if they are joining your lobby.

#4 Whoever is joining the lobby will enter the lobby ID here to join. See screen #1 to get to here.

#5 Lobby ID entered example.

#6 Once your opponent joins your game. You can select start.

#7 You will now be able to select your character. Select "Battle Prep" to see and edit your items.

#8 "Battle Prep" example.

#9 This is a scoreboard example of what you can provide for the Game+ app to prove your winning

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