Supported Platforms: Xbox, PS

Cross-Platform Available: Yes

Multiple Player Network: Xbox Live, PSN, Activision.

How to play a 1v1 Call of Duty Vanguard game

#1 Start at the home screen and select multiplayer

#2 Select private match.

#3 select custom game

#4 Select game set up

#5 Select mode

#6 Select Free For All

#7 Now that you have the correct mode selected, if you are playing default settings, you can leave everything else.

You can invite an opponent by selecting triangle on PlayStation. Y on Xbox, make sure you are on the home screen.

#8 You will be taken to your social page.

Here you can select triangle on PlayStation. [Y on Xbox] To add someone by their Activision ID

You can view your Activision account by pressing L3 on this page.

#9 Here, you can invite a player by their Activision ID.

#10 Once they accept your friend request, you will be able to select their profile and invite them to your game.

#11 After they join your party, you can start the game.

#12 Gameplay

#13 Scoreboard example 1

#14 Scoreboard example 2

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