Finding people to challenge on Game+ is easy!

In this video, Kathy explains how to find other gamers to challenge using the online status, game communities and more options.

Watch the full video for the rundown - or check out the notes below for a quick read-through.

Online Indicators

The Online State indicator appears next to every user handle or name displayed in the Game+ app. This indicator has 3 states.

  • Online

    • Green means the user is in the app now

  • Recently Online

    • Yellow means the user was active in the app in the last hour

  • Offlines

    • Purple transparent means the user hasn't been on the app in a while

Community Challenge Groupings

Each Community features a carousel of Challenges from Users Online Now and Users Online Recently.

Community Online Lists

Each community features a list of community members that are either online now or were recently active.

Suggested Friends Online List

The Suggested Friends tab on the Friends page shows users that are online now or recently active.

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