supported platforms: IOS, Android

Cross-Platform Available: mobile to mobile

MultiPlayer Network: PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile is now supported on the Game+ App!

Check out this Game Guide to learn how to run a PUBG Mobile Challenge on the Game+ App.

What Usernames to Add to the Game+ app

You can find your PUBG Character ID and Player Name in your PUBG Profile to add to your Game+ profile.

Default 1v1 Battle Royale Kill Race

#1 This guide is to show you how to set up a 1v1 battle royale kill race

Start by inviting the opponent you are trying to play.

Select the teammate icons.

#2 Select the add new friends icon.

#3 Search for your opponent by their PUBG username. This user name can be found on the home screen in the top left-hand corner.

#4 Once you have found your opponent go ahead and click add friend.

Now you can go back to the homepage and select the team's icon again.

#5 Once your invited opponent accepts your friend request. You can see them here and select the + to invite them to your team.

#6 Once your friend has joined, make sure you have the correct mode selected.

#7 Here, you can select FPP or TPP depending on what is agreed upon.

Make sure you have (duo's) selected. Once everything looks good, select OK.

#8 what's everything looks good, go ahead and select start.

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