Meet our friend - Kathy!

You might recognize her from our social channels or her social media (@thekathyfeed) where she is the ultimate foodie and streamer. She has been gaming since she was in 4th grade and says her go-to games are Mario Kart or Mario Party; so she can play them with friends.

Kathy says her favorite gaming snack is Hot Cheetos, but only with chopsticks to avoid orange Cheeto fingers (genius life hack.) Some of her other favorites include the TV show, "Person of Interest," and the song, "SUVs (Black on Black)" by Jack Harlow.

We asked Kathy if she could play 2v2 with anyone who would it be and she said, "xQc, but only if he's as nice to me as he is to Sykkuno."

Kathy's favorite thing about the gaming community is how supportive everyone is of new gamers. Don't be afraid to shout her out on social and be on the lookout for more Game+ videos with @thekathyfeed.

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