Supported Platforms: Xbox, PS, NS

Cross-Platform Available: yes

Multiple Player Network: Xbox Live, PlayStation Network, Nintendo Network

1v1 Match

#1 Start by selecting "Play online."

#2 When you get into a lobby, you will need your opponent to join the same lobby.

You can see the lobby info in the top left-hand corner. If the lobby has a lot of other players, you may want to switch lobbies. You can do this by going down the stairs or interacting with the Gate Reception. Your opponent will need to do this as well to join your lobby.

#3 here, you can select the lobby you would like to enter. Each lobby will show you how many players are in them 0/64, meaning there are no players in that lobby suggested that you select one of those. Your opponent will then need to join the same lobby. They will need to make sure that the lobby is the correct coast as well. For example, this one is "U.S., West Coast 3" main lobby 02.

If you need to change your Coast, select the back button when in the select lobby screen and you'll be directed to this screen.

#4 Once your opponent has joined your lobby, you'll need to create a ring match, and your opponent will need to join that ring.

#5 Here, you can select your ring settings and then create a ring.

#6 And then you can create and choose your team.

#7 Your opponent will see this when they join your ring. They can see the settings that you have selected. If you are joining a ring make sure the rules are all correct and you agree to them before you play.

#8 Once you or your opponent has joined the ring. You will then need to select a side for the match to start.


#10 Once your match is over. This will be the evidence you'll need to take a picture of it and upload it to the game plus app. You can do this by selecting "player list" and go to "battle history."

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