Meet one of our Captains - Shakeem aka whyyoumad24yt!

This New York native has been gaming for over 15 years. His current go-to game is Call of Duty but he said if he could see any game make a comeback, it would be The Warriors (2005.)

Shakeem gets hyped to any J. Cole song and his go-to gaming snack are gummy worms. He says his favorite thing about the gaming community is that “they’re always up for a challenge.”

This Captain says he trains to be the best at what he does - and he has proved it by topping the Standard Challenge leaderboard week-over-week.

He became a Captain on July 17, 2021 and is already making a name for himself. You can find him on the Game+ app by searching his handle to see if you stack up.

What is a Captain?

  • Captains are players paid by Game+ to create challenges

  • Captains do not receive any advantage from Game+ in challenges so it's a fair fight

  • Every Game+ user can play one (1) Captain's Challenge on us

For more details about the Captain's Challenge:

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