Each player is responsible for his own connection and has to have a good internet connection to avoid possible lag or disconnection. For non-material lags that are not a substantial contributor for the advantage of a winning outcome, the players should continue to play through the challenge. If a game is materially lagging or gets disconnected past the halfway point of the challenge, the players must try to agree on resuming from the moment and score where the lag or disconnect occurred. If the material lag or disconnect happened before the halfway point, or they could not agree on a moment or score for resuming play, they should restart the challenge from the beginning. If the lag or disconnect is claimed by a player past the halfway point who is undoubtedly losing the challenge and unlikely to be the winner, they should forfeit and take the loss. If someone is found to be intentionally lagging or is a repeat offender of questionable lagging, it will result in an automatic loss and possible suspension or termination of their Game+ account.

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