Supported Platforms: iOS, Android

Cross-Platform Available: Yes

Multiple Player Network: Call of Duty Mobile user name

How to set up a 1v1 duel on cod mobile

#1 Start by selecting "Multiplayer."

#2 Next, select the friends' icon in the top right-hand corner.

#3 Here, you can search for your opponent's COD mobile username.

#4 Your opponent should receive this request. They can accept it.

#5 Here, you can find requests as well.

#6 Once your opponent has accepted your friend request. You can select the plus sign next to your COD character and find the opponent you are playing.

#7 Your opponent will need to accept your invite

#8 Once your opponent has accepted your invite, you can select the 3 lines in the top right-hand corner and select "Private" note: you can go into private first before you invite.

#9 Select the yellow button above the start button to choose the game mode.

#10 Here, you can select the correct mode.

#11 now that everything is ready, select "Start."

#12 Screenshot to upload to the Game+ app.

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