Try out Game+ by playing Captain's Challenges.

If you win, you get $5 of Game+'s money. If the Captain wins, you lose nothing.

How do you Play a Captain's Challenge

  • From the home screen, select Start A Challenge.

  • On the opponent selection popup, select A Game+ Community Captain.

  • Pick a community that supports Captain's Challenges.

  • Join the Community if you have not already.

  • After joining the community, at the top of the Challenges tab, you should see a section of Captain's Challenges.

  • Pick a challenge that interests you. Look for the online indicator to tell you if that Captain is online or was recently.

  • Once you find the Captain you want to Challenge, click "Challenge Captain".

  • Grant location services if you have not already.

  • Enter any additional details needed to send the Challenge (selecting a rule if there are multiple options, selecting a platform, etc.)

  • Tap the Send Challenge button.

  • When the Captain receives your Challenge response - they will accept it and coordinate with you via in-app chat on playing the match.

Note: some of the options above will not appear if you have used up your complimentary Captain's Challenges.

More Details on the Program

  • Captains are players paid by Game+ to create challenges.

  • Captains do not receive any advantage from Game+ in challenges. It's a fair fight!

  • Captains have a wide variety of skill levels. Check their power ranking to see if they're a good match for you.

  • Every Game+ user can play one (1) Captain's Challenges. Use it wisely!

  • Captains are designated by their blue Captain's badge. A Captain's Challenge is indicated by a blue CAPT CHALLENGE indicator where the Challenge Amount normally appears.

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