What is a Game+ Challenge?

Game+ is a fun and fair way to play skill-based video game competitions for money. Challenge a friend or take on the whole community! Start a challenge yourself or accept a challenge from another gamer. You pick the opponent, the game, the platform and the amount. It's all up to you. Whoever wins the challenge has the funds deposited in their account in near real-time.

What are the different types of Challenges?

There are three (3) different types of Game+ challenges

Direct Challenge

The main type is a “Direct Challenge”. This is a competition between you and a specific player and where money will actually exchange hands based on the outcome. This is the fundamental action within the Game+ system. All our other features build from this concept.

When you create a Direct Challenge - you can pick one of your friends within the Game+ App, you can search through other Game+ers, or you can invite a contact to join Game+.

Once a Challenge has been sent - your opponent must Accept the Challenge.

Once accepted, it is up to you - as the initiator of the Challenge to set up and host the match on the chosen platform and officially Start the Challenge.

Once started - you and your opponent have 90 minutes to complete the challenge and record results.

Posted Challenge

The second type of Challenge is a “Posted Challenge” which all of your friends within the Game+ App can see.

Posting a Challenge is like posting to your feed on social media. People you know (i.e. your Friends on Game+) can see that you want to play and may respond by sending you a Direct Challenge to actually kick off the game.

Community Challenge

The third type of Game+ challenge is a “Community Challenge”. This is essentially the same as Posted Challenge, except it is visible to anyone that has joined the Community you posted to, rather than it only being visible to your friends.

In order to post a Community Challenge or to respond to another Game+er’s Community Challenge, you must join that community

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