supported Platforms: iOS, Android

Cross Platform Available: Yes

Multiple Player Network: Game Center, Google Play

1v1 Standard/Default Rules

#1 how to challenge a specific opponent on Chess play

Go to main menu. The three little lines at the top left

#2 scroll down and select "friends"

#3 here you can select "find" or "invite friends"

#4 Type in your opponents chess play username

#5 here you can see their stats. Select the four little lines in the top right corner to bring up the challenge menu

#6 select challenge

#7 Set up the game to the agreed-upon rules and then select play.

#8 agree to the fair play

#9 This is what your opponent will receive, they can't accept or reject.

#10 Game Play

#11 winning screen

screenshot and upload to the game plus app

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