supported platforms: IOS, Android, Xbox, PS

Cross-Platform Available: Consul to Consul mobile to mobile

MultiPlayer Network: Xbox Live, Playstation Network, Game Center, Google Play

Default 1v1 most kills


#1 PUBG main lobby hit [Y on Xbox]

#2 If your are playing Game+ default 1v1, most kills set as stated in the Game+ app

#3 Now that your settings are set to hit [X on Xbox] to get to the social screen

#4 Hit the [start button on Xbox] to search nickname

#5 Here, you can search for a specific opponent by their PUBG nickname

#6 Once you've added your opponent and they've joined, go back to the main lobby

#7 You both need to ready up

#8 Matchmaking

#9 Once the game is completed and you need the scoreboard info go back to the main lobby and toggle over to career and then to match history. The most recent match should be at the top, go ahead and select it

#10 After match details


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