Supported Platforms: NSW

Cross Platform Available: No

Multiple Player Network: Nintendo Network

Winner Most Points

#1 To play Mario Kart 8 1v1. Select "Online Play 1P''

#2 Select ''Friends"

#3 Create a room or join a room if your friend you are playing has already created a room

#4 select "Yes' to create a private room

#5 Select your character and build your cart

#6 You then will need your friend to join your room

#7 If your joining a room select "join"

#8 When your friend joins they should pop up here

#9 If your playing Game+ default rules go ahead and set them to mach the Game+ rules

Game+ default rules

#10 vote for a map

#11 Once your friend has voted the map will be decided

#12 1st race out of 12 example

#13 Screenshot 1 or multiple photos and upload into the Game+ app for Proof of victory or take a photos with the Game+ in app camera


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