Supported Platforms: Xbox, PS

Cross Platform Available: Yes

Multiple Player Network: Xbox Live, PSN

Starting a Gunfight Best of 3 (Default Settings)

#1 select "MULTIPLAYER"

#2 This is the online lobby

To set up a 1v1 gun fight, select ''CUSTOM GAMES"

#3 Select "CHANGE MODE"

#4 Select "GUNFIGHT"

#5 To Invite your friend select "+ INVITE PLAYERS" if you are not already friends with the person you want to play scroll down to #9 for the invite new players guide

#6 select the friend you want to play

#7 Once your friend is chosen select "SEND INVITES"

#8 Once your opponent has joined your party if you are the host and everything is set, select "PLAY"

#9 To bring up the scoreboard again after a match to take a Picture or screenshot for victory evidence, go to the lobby and pull [LT on Xbox] and then push the [LB or RB on Xbox] to toggle between the three pages

#10 To invite a new opponent that you are not already friends with, Go to the lobby and press [Y on Xbox] It should bring up social

#11 Here you can hit [Y on Xbox] again to invite new players by their Activision ID.

to see yours, hit [RS on Xbox] to bring up your Activision ID, scroll to #14 For example

To see a invite for you, push the [RB on Xbox] to toggle to the inbox page

#12 Friend requests should be here

#13 Add a new player by their Activision ID

#14 Activision ID example

Warzone Kill Race

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