Supported Platforms: IOS, Android

Cross-Platform Available: Yes

Multiple Player Network: Miniclip

How to find your unique ID in 8 Ball.

To find your Unique ID. In the main menu, select your profile picture.

You will be directed here where you can find it.

How to get a 1v1 match started

Step 1: To play 1v1 pool, start in the main lobby and select the yellow friend icon in the lower-left corner.

Step 2: Select or invite the friend you wish to challenge. If you do not see your friend, select the Blue invite button at the lower right corner of the screen.

You can search by using their unique ID.

Please note: if you are typing your opponent's unique ID in perfectly and you're not seeing them, please have them check their account settings and make sure they have 'allow challenges from' and 'Allow add as friend' set to anyone.

Step: 3 Select the city you want to play (rules will vary depending on the city, be sure to confirm)

Step: 4 Once the challenge is sent, and the other player receives this notification.

Please be sure that the challenge city matches what you agreed to before you accept it.

Step: 5 Once your opponent has accepted, you will receive this notification.

Go ahead and select "Play now."

Score screen {screenshot for proof of victory}

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